Introduction to Modern Dentistry Combined with Thermal-Viscous Smart Composites: Exploring the Dark Side of Black Triangles and Negative Space


Esthetic dentistry involves harmonious integration of smile design, matrix and material selection. This is accomplished by a comprehensive knowledge of facial esthetics, tooth morphology and available restorative techniques. Recent research explains the strong desire from patients to correct unfamiliar negative space and black triangles. 1/3rd of adults suffer from Black Triangles and a significant number of adult post-orthodontic cases result in Black Triangles. Cervical lesions and gingival recession which have been found to be present in 85% of the population, represent a major problem for dentists to restore with composite resin materials due to the varying adhesive properties of the tooth structure and the bio mechanical aspects of the cervical area. Dr. Milnar will explore new treatment modalities for mitigating negative space; Injection molding of heated composite into Bio clear specialized matrices to eliminate black triangles. This Hands-On workshop will give attendees a step-by-step approach to restore black triangles, Class II, III, V, Diastema, Peg lateral and Root Overlay restorations with the Bio clear “Modern Method of Rejuvenation”. Attendees will gain experience with a new bur system to create engineering preparations and exceptional flowable and paste composites.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to choose the proper Bioclear anatomical matrices to enhance the contact areas for injection molding of thermally liquefied composite
  • Discover the keys to ideal, overhang free margins and a mirror finish
  • Understand healthy restorative systems and how they are connected to general health with exceptional physical properties
  • Learn how to prepare teeth using a new bur system that creates engineering principles
  • Understand injection molding techniques, combined with warm composite, result in less stress and more profitable, durable restorations
  • Learn a step-by-step approach when restoring dark triangles and other restorations.
  • Understanding the 5 essentials of injection molding to mitigate unfamiliar negative space

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Fees : $495 Per Doctor / $445 MACD Members (includes breakfast & lunch)

Frank J. Milnar DDS, AAACD


Frank J. Milnar DDS, AAACD is a graduate from the University of Minnesota, School of Dentistry in 1976. He is an Accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Board Examiner for the Accreditation process. Dr. Milnar maintains a full-time practice in St. Paul, Minnesota emphasizing Minimally Invasive and appearance related dentistry. He has published over 50 peer reviewed articles about the direct placement of composites, shade selection and porcelain materials and is on editorial review boards for dental journals. Dr. Milnar is co-founder of the Minnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and has lectured extensively within the US Armed Forces as well as internationally on the subject of direct composite restorations, shade selection and porcelain materials. He has been voted “Top Dentist” and voted into the” Top Dentist Hall of Fame” for the last five years by his peers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine. He has been voted by Dentistry Today as one of the top 100 dentists contributing to dental education. Most recently, Dr. Milnar was nominated to the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry Continuing Education Advisory Board. He is a Visiting Faculty Member for the BIOCLEAR Learning Center and received the BIOCLEAR Mastership Award.

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