Composite Veneers and Class IV

Friday, Oct 9, 2020

8:00 am       Registration and Breakfast
9:00 – 4:00 Lecture and Lunch served

TOPIC: Composite Veneers and Class IV

VENUE: Edina Country Club, 5100 Wooddale Ave, Edina

Course Outline:
This course will help participants achieve a higher level of composite artistry with results that can seamlessly emulate natural teeth or rival the beauty of porcelain restorations by learning the concepts of both anterior composites and advanced restorative applications. Dr. Chan will cover the fundamentals from a myriad of composite systems, the physical and optical properties of resins and manufacturer differences including strength, translucency, predictable shade selection, tooth morphology, and polishing techniques. The nuances that make a restoration average or exceptional such as color theory and composite selection based on the restorative goal will be presented in detail. The course will discuss the polychromatic nature of natural human teeth and how composite resins can be used to emulate that polychromatic appearance effortlessly and predictably.

This will include using putty matrices and learning advanced diastema closing techniques. Dr. Chan will demonstrate these skills with photographic examples of actual before and after composite cases. Have you ever wanted to be able to ask YOUR FAQs about composites? How do you prevent voids and how to make them disappear? Best method of shade matching? Treat and prevent post-op sensitivity? Correct poor shade matching? Now is your chance to learn composite artistry from an AACD Accredit Cosmetic Dentist.

The Following Topics Will Be Discussed
. Learn fundamental properties of “many” different types of composite systems
. Learn details of shade selection, tints and opaquers and other pearls that ensure consistent results
. Learn how to create polychromatic composite restorations that emulate nature and rival porcelain
. Learn contouring and polishing techniques to create exceptional composite restorations

Who Should Attend?
This course is specifically designed to expose the dentist to the fundamental concepts and understandings that are necessary to seamlessly emulate and predictably create highly esthetic restorations that rival natural tooth structure utilizing composite resins.


Our Presenter:
David Chan earned his DMD degree in 1989 from Oregon Health Sciences University. He maintains a full-time practice focused on cosmetic and comprehensive dentistry located in Ridgefield, Washington.David currently serves as Vice-President for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as director at the Center for Dental Artistry and a Clinical Instructor at the Kois Center in Seattle, Washington.

He is an Accredited member of the AACD and has been published widely in peer reviewed dental articles, including several articles in the prestigious “Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry”.

In addition, David travels nationally/internationally giving lectures to dentists on comprehensive esthetic dental care and serves as a key opinion leader for many dental products companies.

Dr. David Chan
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